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What is a ClockedIn Time And Attendance System?

Here at ClockedIn, we specialise in the design and production of cloud based time and attendance software systems which give you real-time access to your employees’ attendance records. Whether users clock in via the popular ClockedIn mobile application (OnTime) or through a mounted biometric SmartHub (OnTime Pro) their data is instantly sent to your administration dashboard where it can be automatically compiled into a range of reports including payroll & attendance records.
Some of the more popular features include:

Cloud Based Software

Cloud based software

Access your ClockedIn dashboard everywhere, anytime and on any device

Pin-Point Location Tagging

Pin-Point Location Tagging

Particularly useful with the Mobile App, you can view the location of each user at the time they clocked in or out to be 100% sure that they are on the correct site.

Real Time Data Transfer

Real time data transfer

All data is sent and received in real time giving you up to data attendance records

Flexi-Desgin Software

Automatic payroll reports

So if you need any adjustments to the design or function of your system, our development team are on hand!

Next Generation Biometrics

Live attendance registers

Users can clock in using facial recognition or by scanning a fingerprint

Unlimited Lifetime Support

Unlimited lifetime support

Free training, retraining and software support gives you piece of mind

Our Story

ClockedIn burst onto the scene in 2011 as a small, one product company offering a cost-effective, app based solution to businesses Time & Attendance needs. This simple and effective app allowed companies to track and report their employee hours in real time while automatically compiling a range of reports.

Given the popularity of that app, ClockedIn grew rapidly over the next 5 years, expanding the product range to include innovative fingerprint and facial recognition systems as well as regularly updating the initial smartphone app to include features such as geo-fencing and location tagging.

To view regular updates about ClockedIn, please follow our Twitter page @myclockedin

Choose Your System

Users clock in either via the ClockedIn Smartphone App or ClockedIn SmartHub. This action logs both the location and time of that event. This data is then sent wirelessly, in real time to your administrator dashboard where it is automatically compiled into a range of reports
ClockedIn Mobile

OnTime Mobile

This popular Mobile App allows your staff to clock in and out of a job site or client quickly and easily on any smartphone or tablet. The app has been designed to be as quick and easy to operate as possible by the end user and is great Time & Attendance solution for teams based in the field or for companies looking for a cost-effective system with no hardware costs.

OnTime Pro

Our new SmartHub brings together next generation fingerprint and facial recognition technologies into an neat and affordable Time & Attendance device which can be used as either a handheld or mounted device. This solution has been designed with our customers in mind and is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
Custom Solution

Custom Solution

Our experienced internal development team are on hand should you require a custom built Time & Attendance solution that is designed to your specific requirements. We will plan, develop, implement and  support your solution to your guidelines and deliver a product which is designed to last.
Please Note: The above systems can be edited or adjusted depending on your requirements. If you have specific requirements such as 3rd party integration, white labeling or need a particular type of report please let our sales team know and we can quote you accordingly.




Quick Set-Up

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ClockedIn SmartHub

The ClockedIn SmartHub is an innovative, all-in-one biometric device designed to be the best possible hardware product to support your ClockedIn Time & Attendance Systems
ClockedIn SmartHub

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

The SmartHub can be used as a handheld, mobile device or can be mounted (as shown)

Next Generation Fingerprint Reader

Next Generation Fingerprint Reader

Our FIPS 201 certified, military grade fingerprint reader was designed in California and offers unparalleled accuracy and speed in even the most challenging environments.

Premium Materials

Premium Materials

With a mixture of HD ABS plastic and an Aluminium-Magnesium alloy, the SmartHub feels and looks great

Facial Authentication Camera

Facial Authentication Camera

Users can clock in and out by simply scanning their face as they pass the SmartHub. The camera monitors 21 points on each face and is a highly accurate form of biometrics.

8`` LCD Touchscreen Display

8`` LCD Touchscreen Display

The touchscreen display was carefully designed to be large enough for purpose but small enough to remain discreet

WiFi, 3G & LAN Enabled

WiFi, 3G & LAN Enabled

Even in areas without 3G, WiFi or LAN connectivity, the SmartHub can store its data and sync at a later time.

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