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Getting started with your ClockedIn system can be a quick and simple process. The quickest and easiest way of getting set up and running is to make the most of your free lifetime support and have a screen-share session with one of our technical advisers who can run you through each section of your dashboard and even help you input your data. To request an online training session please give us a call on 08454903901 or email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I add a Manager to my ClockedIn Dashboard?

The most common reason for a person not being able to add a new Manager in the dashboard is that they haven’t yet added an employee to the system. It is important when initially setting up the dashboard you work your way down the list of tasks in order.

Why is my SmartHub showing 'Please Wait' when I first turn it on?

The SmartHub will show ‘Please Wait’ while it searches for an appropriate internet connection. If this notification shows for more than 15 seconds, we recommend checking that you have set up your device’s internet settings or connected to your local WiFi.

I clocked in and out on my ClockedIn Mobile account to test it. Why does't this action show on my payroll report?

ClockedIn payroll reports use a default rounding system of 15 minutes as to keep the report looking tidy. If you clock in and then out again within 15 minutes, this entry will not show up on the payroll report. This action will however show up in other reports such as the Who’s Here report.

I have an account for 50 users but I have 20 new staff joining next month, how do I upgrade my account?

Upgrading your account is very easy. All you need to do is call in to ClockedIn Support and tell us how many extra users you would like to register on the system. We can upgrade your account within minutes without affecting your current account in any way. Please bear in mind that upgrading can move you into a higher price band.

I had a system from another company and the fingerprint reader was unreliable. How can you ensure that your reader is reliable?

We hear this question a lot. There are a number of fingerprint technologies out there and some are not as reliable as others. The reader in our new SmartHub is a silicone enhanced, California-made, capacitive reader which has a FIPS 201 (U.S Federal grade) certification. If you would like more information about this reader, please see the ‘Hardware’ page under ‘Systems’ in the main menu, or give us a call and one of our technical team would be more than happy to run you through the specification of the reader.

Why is a job code not showing up as an option on the Mobile App?

When creating a new user in the dashboard, make sure you check the appropriate tick boxes to assign job codes to that individual.

Will the ClockedIn Mobile App work if i have no phone signal or internet connection?

Partially. the application is designed to function with an offline mode. If you have users out of signal range, they can use the system as normal and will be prompted to sync the data once they reach an area with better signal. Reports will show the original action as if connection was never lost.

There is a feature that I would love to have but ClockedIn doesn't currently provide. What can I do?

We are constantly developing our systems so if there are features that you would like to see in the next update, please let us know and we can look into developing it into the software. We are in total control of our own development and regularly amend or edit features for customers needs.

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