We are proud to support so many different Industries

On this page you can find a selection of our more common customer industries and how we aim to support each one individually. Unfortunately we are not able to represent every industry that we support so if you have any questions about your specific industry and how we could help you, please feel free to get in touch!

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ClockedIn Construction Worker
The Construction industry is where ClockedIn initially found it’s feet having been originally designed for this environment. The first ever ClockedIn product was our popular mobile application, OnTime (since updated) which allowed field based construction workers to clock in and out of a work site on any smartphone or tablet.

This application is still one of our best selling products and has since evolved to include automatic payroll reporting, location tagging, who’s here reports and geofencing.

If you would like to know more about OnTime or other products that suit the construction industry please feel free to call our customer service hotline on 08454 903 901 or email us at info@clockedin.co.uk

ClockedIn Care Home Staff
We are very proud to be a leading Time & Attendance System supplier to the Health & Care industry. Our new generation SmartHub hardware was actually designed in partnership with one of the UKs largest care providers and can now be found in their branches, nationwide.

Some of the key features of the SmartHub that make it so suitable for the Care industry include:

  • Wipe clean hardware designed to be hygienic
  • Quick registration suitable for high turnover of staff
  • Simple to use interface
  • Multiple clocking in options – Finger, Face or Code
  • All-white option suits a healthcare environment

Whether a company requires a system suitable for mobile, in-home staff or a more static system suitable for a care home or hospital, our flexible software can be implemented to their requirements.



To find out more about how we cater for the Health & Care industry, please feel free to give us a call on 08454 903 901 or email us at info@clockedin.co.uk.

ClockedIn Retail
We have found that our Time & Attendance systems are particularly useful in a retail environment, particularly if that retail business  has multiple sites.

Real Time Data Transfer

One of the most useful features for the retail industry has been the fact that all ClockedIn systems transfer their data in real time, meaning that one, centralised administrator can track and manage data from any number of locations or simply allow the system to compile automatic reports which can be viewed, edited or exported at any time.

Application Based Software

Another popular feature of ClockedIn Time & Attendance Systems in the retail industry is the fact that our software systems are application based meaning they can be installed onto any tablet or smartphone as well as our own ClockedIn SmartHub. This means that our software is easily integrated with any current software systems a retail business may have such as POS software.

To find out more about how we cater for the Office & Retail industry, please feel free to give us a call on 08454 903 901 or email us at info@clockedin.co.uk.

ClockedIn Facilities Management
Facilities Management is one of our larger customer bases. Around 75% of our customers in this sector opt to use a mounted biometric solution (SmartHub), however a large proportion, especially those with a very mobile workforce, tend to opt for our OnTime smartphone application which allows companies to track & report Time & Attendance data from each individual where ever they may be working. This application offers a cost-effective and flexible solution which particularly suits this market.



To find out more about how we cater for the Facilities Management industry, please feel free to give us a call on 08454 903 901 or email us at info@clockedin.co.uk.

We tend to find the main reason for our popularity within the Recruitment industry is our ability to design flexible custom software solutions. Most of the Recruitment companies that come to us are looking for very particular features relating to the specific ways that they already run their business. These bespoke features can be easily added into a ClockedIn system and generally include specific items such as custom scheduling, tiered access, live agency staff registration and  flexible hardware mounting options.

We have great confidence in both our onshore and offshore software development teams to design, develop and roll out the perfect, custom software for your business.


For more information about how ClockedIn can cater for your Time & Attendance System requirements, please call our sales team on 08454 903 901 or email us at info@clockedin.co.uk.

One of the best features of a ClockedIn Time & Attendance System is the ability to scale to any size and still function in the same way as it would for a business with 5 employees. Our Cloud based system allow a business to manage multiple sites from one centralised system, all in real time.

Custom Software
With our larger clients we tend to find that they require alternations or sometimes whole new applications being created for their system. We are always open to this and pride ourselves in our technical approach when it comes to creating a bespoke solution.



To find out more about how we cater for your company, please feel free to give us a call on 08454 903 901 or email us at info@clockedin.co.uk.

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