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A comprehensive Cloud-based collection of products designed to bring your business's record keeping in to the 21st century. Record Time and Attendance data on-site and onthe go with biometric and geolocation technology as well as fully customisable options for data keeping and reporting.

Clockedin time and attendance

Time at your fingertips

A Portable or mountable time keeping solution

Our devices are designed to be used on the go or mounted in one of our kiosks

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Products designed to integrate directly with your business without you having to move the earth. Introduce accurate reporting, time and comprehensive recordkeeping without breaking the bank.

Easy To Use

Let your staff clock in with a touch of a button – using our time and attendance system isn’t just simpler for you, it’s simpler for them too! With our biometric and mobile solutions, your staff can keep their timesheets up to date easily.


Automate your timekeeping processes – allow us to handle everything for you, from staff clocking events to payroll. Our integrated reporting tools will give you an accurate real-time reflection of your business – wherever you are.

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About Us

ClockedIn burst onto the scene in 2011 as a small, one product company offering a cost-effective, app based solution to businesses Time & Attendance needs. This simple and effective app allowed companies to track and report their employee hours in real time while automatically compiling a range of reports.

Given the popularity of that app, ClockedIn grew rapidly over the next 5 years, expanding the product range to include innovative fingerprint and facial recognition systems as well as regularly updating the initial smartphone app to include features such as geo-fencing and location tagging.

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What is a ClockedIn Time And Attendance System?

At ClockedIn Limited, we specialise in the design and production of Cloud-based time and attendance software. Our products will provide you real-time access to your employees’ attendance records, and work with a full suite of devices – including your employees’ own mobile phones. You can use Mobile Time Clock to allow your employees to clock in on site with their own Android or iOS smartphone, or alternatively use a mounted biometric SmartHub with our application OnTime+ to allow your employees to clock in using a simple fingerprint recognition system. Either way, your users’ data will be immediately sent to your own AirStack+ database, where it can be automatically compiled into a range of reports including payroll and attendance records.

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Choose Your System

Users clock in either via the ClockedIn Smartphone App or ClockedIn SmartHub. This action logs both the location and time of that event. This data is then sent wirelessly, in real time to your administrator dashboard where it is automatically compiled into a range of reports.

ClockedIn OnTime Mobile Icon

Mobile Time Clock

This popular Mobile App allows your staff to clock in and out of a job site or client quickly and easily on any smartphone or tablet. The app has been designed to be as quick and easy to operate as possible by the end user and is great Time & Attendance solution for teams based in the field or for companies looking for a cost-effective system with no hardware costs.

ClockedIn AirStack Plus Suite Icon

AirStack+ Suite

Our AirStack+ Suite, is a comprehensive Cloud-based collection of products designed to bring your business’s recordkeeping into the 21st century. Record Time and Attendance data both on-site and on the go with biometric and geolocation technology with fully customiseable options for data keeping and reporting. The AirStack+ Suite provides an all round efficient and convenient solution to time and attendance.

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Custom Solution

Our experienced development team are on hand should you require a custom built Time & Attendance solution that is designed to your specific requirements. We will plan, develop, implement and support your solution to your guidelines and deliver a product which is designed to last.

Please Note: The above systems can be edited or adjusted depending on your requirements. If you have specific requirements such as 3rd party integration, white labeling or need a particular type of report please let our sales team know and we can quote you accordingly.

Reasons for lateness
Roadworks (41%), Public transport issues (29%), Bad weather (18%)
£9 Billion
The cost of lateness to the UK economy annually
The number of UK employees who admit to being late everyday
The amount of employees that admit to regular lateness
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ClockedIn SmartHub

The ClockedIn SmartHub is an innovative, all-in-one biometric device designed to be the best possible hardware product to support your ClockedIn Time & Attendance Systems.

ClockedIn Hardware
Innovative Design

The SmartHub can be used as a handheld, mobile device or can be mounted (as shown).

Next Generation Fingerprint Reader

Our FIPS 201 certified, military grade fingerprint reader was designed in California and offers unparalleled accuracy and speed in even the most challenging environments.

Premium Materials

With a mixture of HD ABS plastic and an Aluminium-Magnesium alloy, the SmartHub feels and looks great.

Facial Authentication Camera

Users can clock in and out by simply scanning their face as they pass the SmartHub. The camera monitors 21 points on each face and is a highly accurate form of biometrics.


The touchscreen display was carefully designed to be large enough for purpose but small enough to remain discreet.

WiFi and 4G Connectivity

Even in areas without 3G, WiFi or LAN connectivity, the SmartHub can store its data and sync at a later time.

Contact Us

If you woud like to know more about how ClockedIn could help you with your Time & Attendance needs, feel free to call us on 0845 4 903 901 or email our sales team on


What Our Customers Say

Software: “Before we started using the Clockedin OnTime Mobile application, our tradesmen and laborers’ timesheets were paper based – just getting hold of them was a nightmare, let alone reading them. Now we use Clockedin, all of my records are available online, and payroll takes less than half the time it used to. I’d happily recommend Clockedin to anyone.” – Sam, AMS Building Services

Hardware: “Aesthetically we are very happy with the overall presentation of the [SmartHub] device and the housing – it’s a sleek and smooth looking professional device. Functionally it works well. The fingerprint reader is very good and captures fingerprints as you would expect without issue. The device itself seems robust enough to withstand the daily use in a care home.” – Mark, Bupa UK

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