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How It works

AirStack+ Suite consists of a cloud based collection of products designed to bring your record keeping into the 21st century. 

In order to capture and send time and attendance data to an AirStack+ database, OnTime Mobile and/or OnTime+ is required. If OnTime+ is to be used a ClockedIn SmartHub and/or SmartHub-FT is also required. Finally, OnTime Roll Call can be added and synced to your AirStack+ database regardless as to which data capturing solution you are using.


Employees clock in and out using one of our Biometric devices and OnTime+ software, our OnTime Mobile app or a combination of the two.


Data is transferred between AirStack+ and OnTime+ and/or OnTime Mobile allowing live reports to be viewed.


Detailed and customisable reports can be exported based on the clocking in data captured, including payroll reports.


The premise is simple – access as much or as little data as you need on your employees and their activities at work, all within one comprehensive database. Make choices as to what you want to store, and choose how you want your time and attendance data to be recorded.

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Store as much or as little data as you need on your employees – keep your database relevant to your business.

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Host your database on your own server or ours – either way, you’re protected with managed hosting and encrypted connections.

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AirStack+ provides a real-time snapshot of your work sites – wherever you are. Use the Who’s Here report to check who’s where at any time.


With AirStack+ your reports can be as simple or as complex as you require. With advanced sorting and filtering tools, an absence and leave scheduler, and a full suite of payroll reporting tools, you can do as little or as much as you want with your time and attendance data. At the heart of your reports is the timesheet – this is your raw feed of time and attendance data and allows you to view not only employee information but visitor information also. You can export the time sheet directly or you can use any of our attendance reports to get a fully calculated and accurate feed of employee hours.

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Take your raw feed of attendance data and use it however you want – just complete attendance reports, or use our advanced tools for a full look at your payroll.

Whether you need time and attendance data for one employee, or them all, you can get what you need easily. Extract data with AirStack+’s filtering tools.

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Record your staff’s holidays, sick leave and even their qualifications with AirStack+. Use specific reports to have absence leave reflected in your data.

Capture Your Data

Once your AirStack+ database is set up, it’s down to you how you’d prefer to record your time and attendance data. OnTime+ and OnTime Mobile are the two soluions we offer as part of the AirStack+ suite and can be used seperately or in combination with each other.


OnTime+ for Android with the Clockedin SmartHub and/or the Clockedin SmartHub-FT gives you the facility to directly record your employees’ time and attendance data as they come into and leave site. As your employees clock out, your timesheets will automatically populate with data – giving you up-to-date and accurate information on your employees’ attendance.

OnTime Mobile

OnTime Mobile gives you the facility to record time and attendance data for employees who are not always based on site or travel to multiple sites/jobs. Using our app the employee simply selects the job and chooses to clock in. This data syncs with the AirStack+ database automatically populating your timesheets with data – giving you up-to-date and accurate information on your employees’ attendance.

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Give your site managers the facility to add employees to your database, check in visitors, and record time and attendance data manually.

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Give your employees peace of mind – their fingerprint will be converted into data strings unusable outside of AirStack+, so their data is fully protected.

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OnTime+ syncs with the main database every 2 minutes, giving you a full overview of people on site, accessible via the Who’s Here Report.

OnTime Roll Call

Empower your site managers with OnTime Roll Call – in a health and safety situation such as a fire evacuation, you might need to know quickly who’s on site for registration purposes. OnTime Roll Call for Android and IOS takes information from your AirStack+ database and gives your site managers the facility to check precisely who’s around, allowing them to migrate the data to an easy-to-read PDF report.

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OnTime Roll Call keeps it simple – just  select a site. If you have permission to view it, all employees clocked in will display.

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Protect the safety of your employees and your business interests in the event of a health and safety concern by knowing exactly who’s on site.

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With OnTime Roll Call, you have continuous access to a real-time database of who’s on site – even if you’re not able to access your AirStack+ data.

ClockedIn SmartHub

The ClockedIn SmartHub is a biometric tablet for use with OnTime+. It is available as either a handheld or fixed device with one of our customisable kiosks. More information about the SmartHubs features can be seen here

ClockedIn Hardware

ClockedIn SmartHub-FT

The ClockedIn SmartHub-FT is an Android operating Facial Recognition device with thermal temperature recording technology. For use with OnTime+, the facial sensor has a quick matching speed, high resolution, and can be operated touchless. More information about the SmartHub-FT can be seen here

Need More Information?

Our prices can be viewed here but due to the interchanegable nature and custom solution option they are not set in stone. We also offer discounts for not-for-profit organisations or charities. Please feel free to call us on 0845 4 903 901 or email us using, we’d love to here from you.