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The ClockedIn SmartHub-FT

The ClockedIn SmartHub-FT is an Android operating Facial Recognition device with thermal temperature recording technology. The facial sensor has a quick matching speed, high resolution, and can be operated touchless. Using Infrared technology, an abnormal temperature can be identified immediately.

Key Features

Abnormal Temperature Identification - Reduce the risk of un-well employees entering a site with their temperature being identified upon Clocking In.

Contactless and Secure Access - Prevent unauthorised persons entering a site. All identification can be done without physical interaction.

Front Dual-lens Camera - Captures high resolution images with a quick matching speed.

NFC Car Reader - Provides and alternative method of Clocking In that is still contactless, quick and easy to use.

Multiple Communication Methods - The SmartHub-FT has multiple communication methods including ethernet, bluetooth and WiFi.

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