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The ClockedIn SmartHub

The ClockedIn SmartHub brings together next generation biometric technology such as a FIPS 201, military grade fingerprint reader with an innovative, aesthetic design. Available in either a handheld or fixed format, this new device offers flexibility as well as function.

ClockedIn Hardware

Key Features

FIPS 201 Certified Fingerprint Reader

Built by specialists in California, this next generation, military grade fingerprint reader is the gold star of capacitive technology.

WiFi and 4G Connectivity

Even if the device is unable to connect to Wifi 4G or 3G, it will store its data and sync once connectivity is restored.

Live Data Transfer

The SmartHub is constantly connected to your software database (OnTime), enabling it to send its data in real time giving you constantly up to date reports.

Innovative Design

The SmartHub can be used as a handheld, mobile device or can be mounted (as shown).

Easy Installation

ClockedIn do provide a full installation service, but if you would rather install it yourself the process is very quick and simple.

Portable or Mountable Icon

The innovative fit kit design means that the SmartHub can be used as a handheld device or kept in its kiosk full time.

Premium Materials

We have taken great care to design a hardware solution that will positively complement both our software and your business.


The touchscreen display was carefully designed to be large enough for purpose but small enough to remain discreet.

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