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Right from ClockedIns inception in 2011, we have endeavored to provide products that fit our customers requirements as closely as possible. In an industry which can be so varied in terms of requirements, we pride ourselves on our product development and have worked with businesses of all sizes from small construction companies to some of the Worlds best known organisations to provide sturdy, functional and cost effective Time & Attendance solutions.

Custom Software

One of the factors that really sets us apart from our competitors is our flexible approach to software development. We are always in a state of development whether that be working on custom solutions for specific clients or improving our ‘off-the-shelf’ products. From the day ClockedIn was formed it quickly became apparent that every client wants something just a little bit different and so from an early stage we made it our mission to provide a custom software service as well as our off-the-shelf systems. Custom features that have been requested in the past include:

  • Custom reports
  • Specific geo-fencing requirements
  • Real-time Health & Safety reports
  • Emergency rescue clocking in/out
  • Real-time Patient Report Forms
  • Entirely new apps designed for Smartphone
  • Swipe-and-go fingerprint reading

Custom Hardware

In 2016 we released our next generation SmartHub hardware device to act as our all-in-one hardware solution. This device supports a top of the range, federal grade fingerprint reader, facial authentication and a simple to use Andoid operating system. Whilst we believe this device to be the peak in terms of Time & Attendance hardware, we understand that some clients will have specific requirements. Because of this, we offer you the chance to request alterations to the SmartHub (colour, mounting options etc) or indeed an entirely new device in extreme cases. Some of the changes that have been requested from our clients include:

  • Specific colouring of the device and mounting kiosk
  • Company branding on the devices
  • The addition of extra screen and corner protection
  • A fingerprint device which could integrate with an office phone
  • A mounting solution that can pivot 270 degrees
  • Shortening of the standard mounting tube
  • Development of a larger, 8″ touchscreen
  • Movement of the kiosk lock to the rear (rather than the side)
  • Additional base plate requirement for desk mounting

Want To Know More?

If you would like to know more about how ClockedIn could help you with your Time & Attendance needs, then please call us now on 0845 4 903 901 or email our sales team on In most cases we can build you a proposal based on your requirements within 48 hours.