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SmartHub - Cleanse & Go


A completely contactless solution designed for use in a multitude of environments, the SmartHub – Cleanse & Go quickly measures the temperature of anyone using the device and issues an alarm if the preset temperature is exceeded. Alongside this, hand sanitizing gel is automatically dispensed from the device providing a safe and effective measuring and sanitising solution.

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Key Features

  • Contactless – The device uses infrared and photosensitive distance sensors so that no contact is needed unless refilling the devise with sanitzing liquid.
  • Temperature Measurement – Using an infrared sensor your temperature is quickly and accurately measured. You can also easily switch between °C and °F.
  • Temperature Alarm – If the measured body temperature exceeds the preset level, an alarm is sounded from the device.
  • Automatic Dispensing – When placing the palm of your hand under the device, photosensitive distance sensors work to automatically dispense enough liquid for one use.
  • Storage Capacity – With storage for 1000ml of solution/gel the device can be used in high traffic areas without the need for constant refilling. A transparent gauge on the side of the device allows you to see how much liquid is left.
  • Flexible – The smartHub – Cleanse & Go can be wall mounted or used with a tripod for more flexible positioning.