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ClockedIn offer a range of systems to suit your Time & Attendance needs. Users clock in either via the ClockedIn Smartphone App or ClockedIn SmartHub. This action logs both the location and time of that event. This data is then sent wirelessly, in real time to your administrator dashboard where it is automatically compiled into a range of reports. A pricing guide for all of our solutions can be seen here.

ClockedIn OnTime Mobile Icon

Mobile Time Clock

This popular Mobile App allows your staff to clock in and out of a job site or client quickly and easily on any smartphone or tablet. The app has been designed to be as quick and easy to operate as possible by the end user and is great Time & Attendance solution for teams based in the field or for companies looking for a cost-effective system with no hardware costs.

ClockedIn AirStack Plus Suite Icon

AirStack Plus Suite

Our new SmartHub brings together next generation fingerprint and facial recognition technologies into an neat and affordable Time & Attendance device which can be used as either a handheld or mounted device alongside our software. This solution has been designed with our customers in mind and is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

ClockedIn Custom Solution Icon

Custom Solution

Our experienced internal development team are on hand should you require a custom built Time & Attendance solution that is designed to your specific requirements. We will plan, develop, implement and  support your solution to your guidelines and deliver a product which is designed to last.

Hardware - The ClockedIn SmartHub

The ClockedIn SmartHub is an innovative, all-in-one biometric device designed to be the best possible hardware product to support your ClockedIn Time & Attendance Systems.

ClockedIn Hardware