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Introducing the ClockedIn SmartHub-FT

Facial Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal The ClockedIn SmartHub-FT is an Android operating Facial Recognition device with thermal temperature recording technology. The facial sensor has a quick matching speed, high resolution, and can be operated touchless. Using Infrared technology, an abnormal temperature can be identified immediately. – Contactless and Secure Access, prevent unauthorised persons entering a …

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Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is used more widely than you would think such as on Facebook to tag photos, by apps to compile albums of people, security cameras, to unlock our mobile phones and even to confirm your identity when making a bank transfer. It is another way of recognising and identifying a human face through technology …

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Biometric tablet

Overcoming Resistance When Implementing Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” Arnold Bennett We may be bias, but we think Biometric Time and Attendance Systems are the bee’s knees. However, introducing any new system into a workplace is all about change which often results in varying degrees and manifestations of resistance …

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What is Biometric Technology all About?

You may be thinking ‘I’ve heard of Biometrics but what is it?’ well, read on and I will take you on a journey deep inside your fingerprint groves! Biometrics is basically a measurement and statistical representation of an individuals physical and behavioural characters. Human fingerprints are used in the most common biometric technology, fingerprint readers. …

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